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Laura Lockwood as Sunny Jacobs in _The Exonerated_


Fighting for Beliefs from TV Series
"West Wing", Role of CJ
Sibling Conflict from film
"You Can Count On Me", Role of Sammy
Caught in a Web from film
"Body Heat", Role of Matty
Tipsy Seduction of Young Man from film
"The Graduate", Role of Mrs. Robinson
Daughter/Mother Conflict from film
"As Good As It Gets", Role of Carol
2 Days Sober Scene from film
"Days of Wine and Roses", Role of Kirsten
Surprise Disappointment from film
"Francis", Role of Francis Farmer
Assistant District Attorney Wants Out of Case from
"Law & Order", Role of Alison Chalmers
Rekindling Romance with Ex-Husband from
"It's Complicated", Role of Jane Adler
Lighthearted New Love Interest from TV Series "Condor", Role of Holly
Psych Ward Director at Veteran's Hospital Tells Deceitful Vet What's What in "Happy New Year", Role of Martinez
Lonely widow of murdered cop meets with cop overseeing case.  "Breadcrumbs", Role of Grace. 
With Laura Lockwood and Artie Tobia  
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